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Karizma Karizma

Karizma 30 Year Anniversary World Tour

Karizma Celebrates its 30th anniversary with a Japan tour 4/6/05 through 4/10/05 at Motion Blue in Yokohama - JAPAN

click here for photos from the tour.

click here for videos from the tour.

Karizma was founded in 1975 in LA and released its first of 6 CD's in Japan first in 1983!

KARIZMA featuring
David Garfield( p, key)
Lenny Castro (per)
Jimmy Johnson (b)
Oscar Seaton (ds)
James Harrah (g)
Larry Klimas (sax)


The 30th Anniversary Tour of Japan was a huge success! Fans came from all over Japan to support the group with some of them flying from as far away as Fukuyoka. Song titles played included classics such as "Ire", "Corbit Van Brauer", "Heavy Resin", and "Dream Come True" off of the first Karizma CD; "Five Storks" and "Aliens" from the CD "Forever in the Arms of Love"; and "Cuba", "Prophecy", and "Donna" from the CD "Cuba". Added to the set was "Fried Neckbones" which featured Lenny Castro "rapping" in Spanish, Will Lee's version of "Georgy Porgy" as well as "Tune for Tony" and "Sweet PC" off of the CD "Giving Back". The band even did a Los Lobotomys number "Dismemberment" which was a nice diversion from the regular Karizma fare. New members Oscar Seaton and James Harrah rose to the occasion and quickly gained many new Japanese fans. Both are such great musicians and you will be hearing more from them in the future as Karizma embarks on a new studio record which will feature many of its long-time members as well as some new faces. Motion Blue is a great venue. The people were very friendly and most of all, the music was magical! Some of it has been recorded so don't be surprised if in the future there will be a "live" at Motion Blue Cd available from Creatchy Records. Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank all of the great Japanese music fans who have helped us make music for 30 years now. We look forward to our next visit!

Karizma Karizma Karizma




Karizma Karizma Karizma




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