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CD-1 Document - Karizma

CD-2 Tribute - Pauline Wilson

CD-3 Tribute to Jeff (original version) - David Garfield and Friends 

CD-4 State of Things - David Garfield

CD-5 The Official LEN CD Pool of Friendship - David Garfield

CR-1 Cuba - Karizma

CR-2 Tales from the Bulge - Michael Landau

CR-3 Los Lobotomys - Los Lobotomys

CR-LL3 Los Lobotomys - Los Lobotomys 3.0

CR-4 Forever in the Arms of Love - Karizma

CR-5 LA Keyboard Project - David Garfield and Friends

CR-6 Blue Tav - Steve Tavaglione

CR-7 True Love- Michale O'Neill

CR-8 Recollections - David Garfield and Friends 

CR-9 Dream Come True - Karizma

CR-10 I Am The Cat...Man - David Garfield and The Cats

CR-11 All The Way Live (Revisited) - Karizma

CR-12 Larry Klimas - Retro-spec[t]

CR-13 Other Places - Brandon Fields

CR-14 Lost and Found - Karizma

CR-15 Music From Riding Bean - David Garfield and Friends

CR-16 Giving Back - David Garfield

CR-17 Potato Salad - David Garfield

CR-18 The Official Bootleg - Los Lobotomys

CR-19 Tribute to Jeff Revisited - David Garfield and Friends

CR-20 Seasons of Change - David Garfield

CR-21 Brotherly Love - Mike Porcaro

CR-22 Perfect Harmony - Karizma

CR-23 Jazz Outside The Box - David Garfield

CR-24 Jammin' Outside The Box - David Garfield

CR-25 Alex Outside The Box - David Garfield

CR-26 Vox Outside The Box - David Garfield

CR-27 Los Lobotomys (Remastered) - Los Lobotomys

CR-27H Holidays Outside The Box - David Garfield

CR-28 Stretchin' Outside The Box - David Garfield


  • Live at Motion Blue - Karizma featuring David Garfield

  • Live at The Baked Potato - Karizma & Jeff Porcaro featuring David Garfield 

  • The Latin Side of David Garfield - Various Artists

  • Do Pop Classics - David Garfield & The Cats

  • On Piano, Best of David Garfield - Various Artists

  • West Coast Jazz Fusion - Various Artists

  • Best of West Coast - David Garfield & Friends

  • David Garfield & Friends Perform Jazz Standards - Various Artists

  • The Best of Karizma - Karizma


  • Go Home - David Garfield featuring Kirk Whalum and Paul Jackson Jr.

  • Jamming - David Garfield featuring Mike Campbell and Brandon Fields

  • Stay - David Garfield featuring Moon Calhoun, George Benson, and David Sanborn

  • One Like You - David Garfield featuring Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald, and David Sanborn

  • Roxanne - David Garfield featuring Robbie Wyckoff

  • Winning - David Garfield featuring Alex Ligertwood

  • Fame - David Garfield featuring featuring Jim Keltner 

  • Teen Town - David Garfield featuring Will Lee and Nathan East plus 12 other world-class bass players 

  • Remembering Carlos Vega - David Garfield featuring Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Gadd

  • Jezus Malusieńki (An Afro-Cuban Christmas)  - David Garfield 

  • Calypso Christmas The Official LEN CD - David Garfield featuring Robert Greenidge and Vince Charles

  • I Lied - David Garfield featuring J. Paris

  • Sweetness - David Garfield featuring Gerald Albright and Rick Braun

  • Silent Night - David Garfield featuring Mike Finnigan and Ernie Watts

  • The Christmas Song - David Garfield featuring Alex Ligertwood

  • Chanukah Oh Chanukah - David Garfield featuring Sam Glaser, Lee Oskar, and Oz Noy

  • Let It Snow - David Garfield featuring Jo Nagle and Bob Mintzer

  • Ave Maria - David Garfield 

  • Rocket Man - David Garfield featuring Jason Scheff

  • Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle - David Garfield featuring Danila Spagnolo & Enzo Anastasio

  • O Holy Night - David Garfield featuring Jason Scheff & Robbie Wyckoff

  • Sir Charles - David Garfield featuring Grant Geissman & Brandon Fields

  • Jezus Malusieńki (A Polish Christmas Song)  - David Garfield featuring Jerzy Grunwald & Jason Scheff

  • I Won't Back Down - David Garfield featuring Gussie Miller & Michael Lington

  • Blues for Mr. J (Remastered) - David Garfield featuring Vinnie Colaiuta & Michael Landau

  • Pirate's Cove - David Garfield featuring Eric Marienthal & Dan Fornero

  • Chasing Pavements - David Garfield featuring John Klemmer & Rick Braun

  • Layla (Salsa Version) - David Garfield featuring John Peña and Gregg Bissonette

  • I Can Let Go Now - David Garfield featuring Steve Tavaglione

  • Rock Steady - David Garfield featuring Kenya Hathaway & Bill Champlin

  • Rainbow Seeker - David Garfield featuring Steve Jordan 

  • The Christmas Song (Instrumental) - David Garfield featuring Brandon Fields

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - David Garfield featuring Amy Keys & Brandon Fields

  • Guitar Heroes OTB, Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 - David Garfield w/ Mike Campbell, Eddie Van Halen, George Benson, Michael Landau, Larry Coryell, Steve Lukather, Michael Thompson, Chuck Loeb, Tim Pierce, Mike Miller, James Harrah, Alan Holdsworth, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford,  Oz Noy, Doug Bossi, Paul Barrere, Paul Jackson Jr., Tony Maiden

  • Strawberry Fields - David Garfield and David Philp

  • Pool of Friendship - David Garfield

  • Lovin' You - David Garfield featuring Lilliana De Los Reyes

  • Safe Water - David Garfield 

  • Waiting for Your Love - David Garfield featuring David Paich

  • Shufflin' - David Garfield featuring Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson, Brent Mason

  • Shufflin' West Coast - David Garfield featuring Toshi Yanagi, James Harrah, Albert Lee

  • Shufflin' Nashville David Garfield featuring Paul Franklin, Brent Mason, Dan Dougmore

  • Shufflin' Down Home - David Garfield featuring Albert Lee, Shannon Forrest, Michael Thompson

  • Shufflin' NYC - David Garfield featuring Oz Noy, Paul Shaffer, Steve Gadd, Will Lee

  • Hunting Heads - David Garfield

  • Strawberry Fields Forever - David Garfield and David Philp 

  • Tune for Tony - David Garfield featuring Vinnie Colaiutta & Gregg Bissonnette

  • Pool of Friendship (remix) - David Garfield

  • Cousin Vinnie - David Garfield featuring Vinnie Colaiutta

  • Go Home (Remixed) - David Garfield

  • The Christmas Song (Sax & Vox) - David Garfield featuring Alex Ligertwood and Brandon Fields

  • Ticket to Pittsburgh - David Garfield featuring Paul Jackson Jr. & Eric Marienthal

  • Windows - David Garfield featuring Eric Marienthal and Grant Geissman

  • Dirty Grease - David Garfield featuring Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, Doug Bossi

  • Monster Trio - David Garfield featuring Alphonso Johnson & Land Richards ​​​​

    • Singles: Harbor Lights, Ana Maria, My Funny Valentine/Cantaloupe Island, ​Spain, Seven Steps to Heaven, Cissy Strut, This Masquerade, Human Nature, Maiden Voyage, Englishman in New York

  • White Christmas Vocal & Instrumental - David Garfield featuring Lilliana De Los Reyes & Keith Fiddmont

  • Freddie Freeloader - David Garfield featuring Rick Braun & Eric Marienthal 

  • Stay - David Garfield featuring Lilliana de los Reyes, George Benson, David Sanborn

  • Brecker Steps Ahead - David Garfield featuring Randy Brecker & Brandon Fields

  • Waterloo Sunset - David Garfield & David Philp

  • Ticket to Pittsburgh Roundtrip - David Garfield featuring Paul Jackson Jr. & Eric Marienthal

  • Claudia - David Garfield featuring Michael Lington - David Garfield featuring Rick Braun & Brandon Fields

  • Freddie Freeloader (Big Band)- David Garfield featuring Rick Braun & Brandon Fields

  • Aja Vocal & Instrumental - David Garfield featuring Robbie Wyckoff & Brandon Fields

  • All I Want For Christmas is You Vocal & Instrumental - David Garfield featuring Jo Nagle and Tom Scott


  • The Latin Jazz Trio 

  • The Retro Jazz Quintet

  • Calamari

  • The Emil Richards and Joe Porcaro Big Band

  • Los Lobotomys Live In Germany

  • Terry Trotter Playing the Piano - BluRay

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